i love to draw and i love DOTA 2, especially Vengeful Spirit, so you'll see a lot of her here. you can pick what you want to view in the drop-down menu.

chatting is fun so feel free to ask me anything! :D
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for all the lovely people sending me messages, I’m sorry I have to disappoint you because it doesn’t change my mind. standing up to somebody who’s being nasty on purpose in my mind isn’t at all dramatic, but i know it’s not a popular opinion. easier to keep hands clean. while people feel free to degrade and attack others based solely on imaginary characters in an imaginary relationship i’m really not interested in being here. it’s just pathetic.
for those who asked me to stay, this is what i was working on, i’m not very good at colouring so it was taking me FOREVER ugggh. not much point finishing now.

here are some people you can follow instead of me:

anjael: really nice person, fantastic dota 2 artist, especially if you’re keen to see some more diverse dota heroes for a change like Naga! sidebar picture always makes me giggle.
squidsticks: painting/drawing idol of mine, everything’s just so beautiful (dreamy sigh)
irasponsible: don’t know her personally but her art is just gorgeous, loves Venge
rotorheart: nicest person I was ever lucky enough to meet! unique style with an anime vibe, wide range of interests on her blog but loves dota 2. great sense of humour, definitely a must watch :)
dopemantis: not an art producer but blog is FULL of really quality art from dota 2 to touhou and beyond. 10/10 would marry.
lordfrish: streamer, predominately Zelda & dota 2 related. really nice person, should check out their twitch tv if you have time.
zippiezip: really talented girl. if you’re looking for dota 2 art skills plus alternative themes definitely a blog for you. really refreshing unique ideas and lots of dota ladies, esp Venge :)
of-art-and-tea: now with nsfw blog! great guy, very unique high detail lineart style that’s just an absolute pleasure to look at, I’m always tempted to make woodblock prints out of it. if you love Luna, definitely a must check out.
lasanha-do-lidl: very unique style again, puts me in mind of professional cartoonists. great knowledge of colour, her pictures always amaze me. wide range of content including of course dota 2!

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tired of it all, when fighting against hate is labelled as complaining and asking for attention. i was so excited to reach 200 followers today, my art is  so much worse than all my friends, I probably only got the followers I do now because of many of those friends. in the end 200 followers or zero, it doesn’t change my mind. if drawing means you must swallow whatever nonsense people have to say about you without humour or even putting it in perspective, then I don’t want any part of it. if that is truly what it means to take criticism then yeah, you’re right, I can’t. I’m sorry for wasting your time, I quit.
i’ll leave the account here because I know some people do still like my things, but don’t follow me anymore. for those i leave behind, do your best not to make my mistakes and don’t fight the hatred. i just hope for your sake it’s not as personal as mine turned out to be because when it is you feel compelled to fight, as futile as it may be.

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lasanha-do-lidl asked:
venge x dragonus shippers are terrifying holy shit




he’s friends with themightyraccoon, i believe, so it’s not unexpected at all :)

Oh how sweet. So, being a friend of mine makes people ‘terrifying’? Nice Snow, very nice and adult. 

Young lady please play in your sandbox, and stop trying to become the center of attention by spotting on me and moreover - anyone of my friends.
Thank you. 

you do know that one of your friends went and attacked Snow on her DA right? How is that her trying to make herself the centre of attention, someone forced the shitty attention on her.It is pretty easy to just leave someone alone, but your friend had to go attack her for no reason. 

don’t worry about it, you remember she used to do this aaaaalllll the time with people over shipping wars. she’d get super psychotic at people for absolutely no reason other than drawing something she particularly didn’t like. there’s noooooo point arguing with her, she has too many people behind her waiting to endorse her spastic abusing of other artists. the point of putting this on tumblr was to expose that she’s prepared to do this nonsense THROUGH her friends, such as that strange fellow on da.

What the heck is this about? :B

oh, there’s this girl I fell out of friends with for reasons nothing to do with this, and she seems to enjoy bashing people who don’t follow the same ship as her. i never insulted her art, or her ship, even though it wasn’t my thing. i thought she was bigger than this BUT I was wrong. this random guy who suddenly put on her shoes and attacked me and my art skills out of nowhere is arm-in-arm with her - the photoset was just to prove that :) petty nonsense from both of them, hope he gets chucked off DA.

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the guy making extremely nasty comments about my art and his relationship to themightyraccoon. pick your friends wisely.

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kareshy asked:
Yeah Skywrath's is all about how much he loved Vengeful and how remorseful he is about failing in his duty to protect her by being a bookworm but Vengeful's doesn't mention him fuckin' ever. This is even though Valve has had ample opportunity to change it, and has included references to a character that isn't yet in the game in earlier characters biographies before. Skywrath has several lovey context soundbites for Vengeful, she has one casual one for him. There's just nothing there for her.

yup, perfect points, i agree totally :) there’s no proof Vengeful Spirit has (or still has) romantic feelings for Skywrath Mage, nor that there’s a relationship. if that is all it takes to make a relationship any stalker could argue he/she is your partner - lolol. it’s just people being hateful because they can.

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silentman0 asked:
UH, UH, AHEM, IF YOU READ THE OFFICIAL LORE YOU'D SEE THAT, UHM, skywrath is a creepy nerd and venge doesn't give half a shit about him anymore (that's the entire joke with skywrath), that guy on DA needs to pull his head out of his ass.

haha! i think that’s the fun part too! it’s one-sided, it’s cute and fun that way.
bah, just laugh at people like that, pretty sure he’s only doing it to impress a girl who doesn’t like me anyway. i reported him on deviantART for abuse so, maaaybe it’ll stop. if not, should probably draw more :P

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lasanha-do-lidl asked:
venge x dragonus shippers are terrifying holy shit

he’s friends with themightyraccoon, i believe, so it’s not unexpected at all :)

"You are the one being toxic, not them. If you only you could read the biography created be Valve, maybe you could learn that Vengeful Spirit and Skywrath Mage still love each other. Also I cant possibly find anything that can be "liked" in this picture, due to lack of details and artist’s imagination. The only thing that attracts is a mad, pointless smile. Nothing more, nothing less.

Moreover, while being the pair biographically, this couple is also a very strong and aggressive dual-lane combo.

Coming back to the picture - the simplicity of THIS is miserable, its idea is weak. The lack of details makes me think that the artist “feeds” his\her followers with the amount of pictures, not their quality. To think of what is written higher gives me an idea of poor imagination skills of the artist, posting this nothingness as a masterpiece.

Keep it up, shame thyself…”

^ thought I’d share this really indepth summary of my latest artwork from somebody on deviantART. i can’t stop giggling. for the 70 or so of you who liked or reblogged my picture, I’m really sorry to tell you but there’s nothing to be liked in it, this person said so, so you’d better go and get rid of it.

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200 followers *_____* i never thought i was good enough for it to happen! but it actually did! should I do an art give-away thing? is that what you want? IISSSSS IIITTTTT?

(the prize for the first 100 give-away is still sitting here by my pc, after taking it to the other side of the world with the intention of posting it and then still didn’t. da-was-taken, I WILL POST TOMORROW or so god help me.)